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Level 1 Swimming Assistant (teacher)

See what we do on the course:

What will this qualification enable me to do? 

Swim England Level 1 Swimming Teacher Assistant specification of qualification

You need to be 16 years of age at the start of the course.  Once qualified with your Swim England level 1 swimming assistant you will be able to assist an Swim England Level 2 teacher in the delivery of lessons for the Swim England learn to swim pathway. 

What skills do I need to apply?

  • Some written work however professional discussion can replace this if required
  • Practical teaching in the pool under the supervision of ASA Level 2 swimming teachers
  • Useful to have some knowledge of swimming skills and strokes however not essential at this point in your journey

Why choose Aquability?

Aquability run Swim England Level 1 swimming assistant typically over 4 days.  We tutor the course in a fun and safe environment meeting the needs of our learners.  We have trained Swim England level 2 swimming teachers that have taken on board mentoring training to enable them to support you throughout the practical sessions.  We provide two tutors which allows more attention and support for all on the course which includes regular face to face feedback.

What course are available?

The Swim England Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) qualification is a practical qualification, which develops the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be a Swimming Assistant (Teaching). 

Swim England Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teacher)

9th July



July 2018

1 - 5pm


8.45am -  3.45pm


@Eric Liddell Sports Centre SE9 4QF

Swim England Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teacher)

23rd -26th October 2018

9am - 5pm


@Eric Liddell Sports Centre SE9 4QF

How to book a course

 To book a course click here to register on line with our our contact us page.  On this page is guidance as to how to choose your course.  This will then go to our admin staff who will be in touch regarding spaces and availability.

What’s the next step?

Once you have completed your Swim England Level 1 swimming assistant (teacher) you will need to gain experience at teaching the Swim England learn to swim pathway at all levels then when you feel ready move to your Swim England Level 2 Swimming Teacher